McHenry Distillery has been producing this traditional English Style Gin since 2012.  Using Sloe Berries foraged around the lane ways and back roads of Tasmania and then steeped in our Classic Gin for over 12 months, this gin has become Tasmania’s most popular Sloe Gin.
At harvest time it has become a tradition for all workers at McHenry Distillery to help with the Sloe Berry harvest.  This ensures we only use the best berries available and we can collect the large quantities required to ensure that the Sloe Gin is always full in fruit flavour and rich in colour.
While quintessentially an English favourite, McHenry Sloe Gin has become popular for either summer or winter.  In the Winter it goes fabulously with a mulled cloudy apple juice, warmed and best poured into an enamel mug and sipped around a camp fire.  In the summer enjoy McHenry Sloe Gin on its own or over ice or for a decadent treat mix with some chilled bubbly.
Tasting note: [NB 26% ABV batch tasted] Slightly ruddy, ruby red with brick red edges. Offers moderate aromas of semi-ripe blackberry and raspberry. Light and natural in the mouth with brambly, dried berry flavours followed by hints of raspberry tart and flashes of gin peaking through at the finish. Ends nicely balanced, mildly tannic and pleasantly long. Avoids the 'too sweet trap'. Rather earthy for a sloe gin - hints of blackberry bush and basil leaf sit alongside the juicy richness of sloe.
Garnish: Blueberry, lime, lychee, raspberry, redcurrent
Serve: neat, soda water